About Malin

Malin Rydesjö catalyzes transformation.

She facilitates and guides your journey into your center (source), your self-leadership and living a multidimensional living life where the whole of you is given space. She activates your gifts, finds your origin, clears your past and frees who you are.

Malin lives in the infinity of being where perfection and abundance reside. She shares healing and expansion through workshops, healing, lectures, trainings, retreats, treatments and texts.

Malin was born sighted, but switched off in shock as a child when she met her guide.

In adulthood, knowledge has returned in its entirety and she is both clairvoyant, clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant. This means that she lives both here in her body on earth as a political scientist, stress coach, educator, yoga teacher, mother, partner and friend, but is also alive in what happens in the subtle. She conveys this via healing, energy medicine, shamanism and treatments. Some call it spirituality. For Malin, it is our true essence, to be complex beyond and within time. We just haven’t been allowed to develop these abilities and parts of us.

Malin is here to reactivate who you are and along the way heal what has not been allowed to develop and live in harmony. It applies to everything that is you. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, karmic, relational, work-wise…

Malin herself says that since she has always seen things behind the facade as an open book, the most difficult thing has been trying to understand that people live in a completely different dimension that they have in various ways co-created. It took her a long time to understand that people don’t actually see the same things as she does. Understanding how the source, the power, is hidden has been the most difficult and therefore also a lifelong area of ​​study. Seeing the complex network individuals, the collective and the history and cosmos all beings and planets built has been and continues to be the most interesting thing for her to unfold.

The question ”How do people actually become the way they are?” has been relevant since she was 15 years old.

This life focus has taken her through all kinds of experiences, philosophies and studies. In this way, she has also understood more about the structure of the universe and its reflection in the cells of the body. Entities, energies, manipulation, light, darkness, childhood, growing up, thoughts, biology, ancestors, places, spirits, beings from other places and times, codes, light language have emerged and the knowledge of life beyond what we learn in school has increased and only confirmed what was already natural within Malin. It has solidified her faith in her intuition and confidence in always being able to rely on it. That knowing is real, even if the consciousness of many people does not yet understand, feel or see it.

But you who are reading this are doing so because there is a source within you that longs. And into life. Who is tired of standing on the floor and watching. A voice within you that wants to live fully and also create an undulating dancing life in abundance, health, joy and community.

In Malin’s world, truth, peace and love are a simple path that is enormously complicated by the norms created by people.

Malin has gone the hard way by seeking to break free from this stigma that is ignored by humanity. Admitting that the emperor is naked is apparently the hardest part, but once you do that, it’s not that hard to do what it takes to create harmony.

If you want to work with Malin, she will give you her full support throughout the time you are in the process of your awakening.

You can come to treatments physically and on the phone, come to workshops and retreats and get support between meetings. You can also attend the stress coach training and the energy medicine therapist training. Here you can grow and in an educational way alternate facts and exercises so that you feel that what you are can blossom. Malin is in contact with many professionals and recommends further if she feels that others can help you along the way. She in no way believes that her way is the answer to everything, but builds a mutual trust.

The paths to inner and outer peace and tranquility are many.

Before I became a political scientist in 2002, I worked as a volunteer in Mozambique and then collected 1 ton of material for street children and women’s clubs that I got sponsored down to Nacala. I went around to schools and companies throughout Värmland and engaged people in the project, and the newspapers followed the journey. Once back, I wanted to start a cultural center where you could get in close contact with the people of southern Africa, a language café, music, poetry, the opportunity to buy art from the area and support projects. It became too big to run by myself, so I shifted my focus and studied social anthropology and political science, including a semester in Cuba, where I also attended the University of Havana, interviewed dissidents and investigated whether the country was on its way to a democracy or not. I then worked on the problem of light weapons in Latin America, spread Maj Wechselmann’s film o 7 wars and then started at the public health institute where I wrote texts on development aid, a government report on the health of LGBTQ people, a report on human rights and worked on the alcohol issue in the WHO region.

When FHI moved to Östersund, it was time to explore inner peace and yoga entered my life for real. I was employed as director of Scandinavia’s largest training institute for kundalini yoga and later medical yoga. Here I studied everything that went on while working closely with the founder of mediyoga and helping yoga teachers around the country with the challenges they faced in bringing yoga therapy and yoga to people, on how to run yoga centers and was the hub for a couple of years. My first company job was at FMV and the project managers for the JAS developers. As a pacifist it was interesting and it went well! Since then, I have held several thousand sessions and met thousands of people in companies and individually. I have developed my coaching according to the needs I have met with managers and leaders, work groups, individuals who want more out of life, who have divorced, been ill for a long time, young people who have burned themselves out, yes, everyone you can think of.

My dream

My dream is that society and the people in it will become more whole and allow the different sciences to meet. Combine science that shows amazing results from just being, presence training, breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, nature, exercise, nutrition, stress management and lifestyle, omegas, etc. and science that moves us forward and removes the structures that make us sick. Take the best of both worlds and create sustainability, maintain the high trust and tolerance and develop it. Maintain democracy and openness, integrate and inform about human rights. This work must never end.

I have found a foundation to stand on. It is the inner peace. I didn’t have it in the same way, even though I was always the one with one foot in the subtle world, before I started yoga and I worked as an employee. Neither had my colleagues. I remember how I experienced the inefficiency, how people did not meet, did not understand each other, were barred and made half-baked decisions. I became frustrated because I didn’t have the mandate, the self-esteem enough to create the change I saw was necessary to turn it all around.

My future

Now everything is different. To have worked through myself and have tools to share with others so that the decisions we make will be genuine and sustainable, so that real meetings between people will be achieved, so that work meetings will be more efficient and productive, so that our world must make peace, give children better growing up conditions so that they get better self-esteem, meaning and belonging so that they don’t have to recolonize, abuse power and project insecurity on the world. I wish that all innovators and paradigm shifters, whistleblowers and peacemakers could meet more often at more levels in society. That’s why I wanted that cultural center. A meeting place where thoughts can be exchanged, where visions can be lifted and perhaps manifested, where people can find matches for increased energy.

With livelifealive, I have created a platform where people who have found flow can share their knowledge with those who need it. May it be in the big company or as an individual. It does not matter.

We now see that the world is changing rapidly. Old structures and things taken for truths fall and are replaced. Games and abuse of power come to the surface and humanity moves through a great transformation. Science changes as we understand that we have brain cells in more places in the body than in the brain. Eastern philosophy and life are spreading and light work is becoming more and more common. The heart as a guide guides people into meetings, projects and ways of life. Positive psychology, the power of thought, the deep wisdom of Indians, Ayurveda, choosing love over fear, anger and guilt, everything that helps people to be whole is what increasingly rules the world. Man no longer wants the division between animals, nature, business and career. It is no longer ok to sacrifice life to be able to consume as you wish.
I am grateful that I started my transformation early and integrated my awareness and channeling, yogic self with my human self.

I am prepared for this challenging time.

A few years ago I realized that I was born clairvoyant. It is a variant of clairvoyance, i.e. clairvoyant.

My gift is that I see and can heal energies multidimensionally in people and places.

When you contact me with your problems and your life, I therefore use my connection to the multidimensional and we remove and transform energies in you that create ill health, unhealthy behaviors, stuck emotions and everything from worry, anxiety and depression, to sadness, pain, aches, to consequences of various situations and crises in your life.

What is also exciting is that I get to know the causes of these symptoms that you have. So we go in there and release the energies from people, events, words, situations etc. that have happened to you so that it becomes ”clean” and thus healthy and whole. Of course, we fill you up with new energy after every work you do so that you feel whole. We thus release negative energy that sits mentally as thoughts, programming, habits, barriers, locks, blockages, blank fields, manic behaviors, etc., emotionally, physically and spiritually, but also in the other energy fields that belong to the systems.

The healing sessions at a distance are very effective and it is also possible to work with another person through you in that way. If you have a child or another relative, for example.

Ten years ago, I would never have dared to examine the depth of this clairvoyance in myself and stand for it. When I saw my guide for the first time when I was 4 years old, I was so scared by the clarity he brought that I shut down. Even so, my life has had two parallels where the subtle side of reality has always existed. When yoga came into my life, it had to become the tool for the essence to come through. By working with truth, peace and healing here and now, beyond time, it doesn’t matter what technique I use when helping you to be free. I use what is right at the time to bring you into balance. This work that I am doing now is nothing I have seen before. It really is a combination of everything possible to cleanse, heal, heal and create peace and love from the inside out. An awakening work. I am humbled by this gift that can help so many people in this difficult time when we all need to upgrade our frequencies and become new. That I can contribute with everything from lifestyle changes and stress management at companies to deep personal problems that sometimes lie in the karmic threads far back in time and sometimes from energies that many do not know about. As fascinating to me as to you ☺ Life!!